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Moving with strength and ease

I offer yoga classes to help build and maintain strength, freedom of movement and peace of mind for a healthier, happier and longer life.


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You might like my classes if:

  • You care about looking after yourself as you get older
  • You want to be able to move and balance with strength, ease and freedom
  • You would like some tools to remain calm, focused and well in times of stress and uncertainty
  • You want to deepen your awareness of the amazing thing that is your physical body to help you manage stiffness, niggles, aches, pain, injury
  • You value building/maintaining courage and confidence in a society that sadly still seems to want to tell us we should ‘anti-age’
  • You like a personal approach having someone to ask if you have questions. With so many myths and claims in the wellbeing world, as one of my teachers wisely said: ‘it takes a lot of knowledge to say ‘I don’t know’’. Whilst this might be my answer, I will always do my best to share thoughts, ideas, resources with you.

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