Why backbone and heart?

In order to bring about meaningful change, we need both courage (backbone) and consciousness  (heart). To be awake to what is right in any one moment. I care deeply about people becoming aware of the great potential within them; being able to access and act upon it with courage and belief. I find it so tough when so many things happen because as human beings, we’re not able to keep good and healthy boundaries, have a perceived difficult conversation, to speak from our hearts and most importantly, listen…truly listen. It’s not easy. And I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who believes this is so necessary in and for the world right now.

I often partner with my sister, Lisa, who is a psychotherapist and leadership consultant. Lisa and I bring together our very different backgrounds and offer fun and varied ways of working together for clients. We ourselves are very different and are told that our dynamic (which I appreciate greatly) creates a light yet profound learning experience. We work closely alongside participants, bringing a sense of humour but real support when necessary.

We also sometimes partner with other colleagues whom we have met along the way, people who are specialists in their own fields.