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About me

I had practised yoga on and off for 20 years before I became more committed to my practice about 12 years ago. I started my yoga teaching path with the wonderful Sheila Haswell qualifying as an Iyengar Yoga teacher. Through my own practice and experience of teaching I have since widened my learning. I seek to integrate new ways of considering the art and science of finding joy and ease in body, mind and spirit.

The language of movement is feeling and yet we are discovering so much more about how the body works every day. In November 2020, I completed and qualified in a further 300-hour training with Jules Mitchell, a yoga teacher and bio-mechanist based in the U.S. The first U.K. based teacher to train with Jules, I am learning to appreciate the fine balance of sensation, of feeling and movement science. Learning how the cells and tissues work and what they most need to function well. Studying the latest scientific research in movement, somatics, chronic pain, all underpinned by the deep philosophy that is yoga.

The notion of perfection has no meaning in relation to natural phenomena and the body has an amazing ability to self-organise, compensating for what’s not working well, what is blocked. I love the process of enquiry, the permission to explore in order to deepen my awareness, to unblock, to find the lightness and joy that comes from feeling grounded, connected to the earth, strong…to make space for me.

When not on my mat, you can find me designing and facilitating learning & development programmes, walking the coast path with my husband and dog, enjoying the wonders nature has to offer, gardening, or when possible, leaning over a sewing machine and trying to make things with a large dose of self-compassion and imperfection!