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What students say

‘Emma's classes and workshops are imaginative, compassionate, and uplifting. It's great to learn from such an inspiring teacher; I always take away something new from her sessions. Give them a try!’


‘Emma's classes are excellent. I've been practicing yoga for a few years and Emma's classes have taught me so much. She has a real understanding of anatomy and takes time to attend to every student. If you think you can't do yoga then go to Emma's class and you'll realise you can.’


‘I always struggled with yoga. As an active man who trains regularly and takes part in lots of sports, I knew I would benefit from it but couldn't find a class or style that engaged me. Then I found Emma and everything changed. The style of yoga she teaches and the way she approaches her classes and workshops has made yoga accessible to me and given me the technique advice, individual focus points, support and motivation I needed. Yoga is slowly increasing my flexibility and changing my physique. Emma is a brilliant coach, I whole heartedly recommend trying one of her classes for yourself...‘


‘Emma takes the time to get to know all of her students, adapting each and every asana pose to ensure the individual can achieve and improve it. I learnt lots about my body that I had never realised, and really felt I improved my yoga thanks to Emma’


‘Emma radiates strength, health, humility and joy when she teaches. Who needs anything else?


‘Beautiful class again thanks Emma. I love this hip work - mine are definitely strengthening and improving’


‘I love going to class with Emma, she is so calm, positive and patient. She is great at giving confidence and helping everyone achieve regardless of ability. I look forward to it every week’