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I am under 40, can I still come to your class?

Yes! You can definitely still come to my classes. I state the over 40s because in my experience, many younger people prefer a faster flow class. I am delighted you want to experience my kind of teaching and  put in place some great building blocks of awareness working in this way.

What can I expect from a class?

Building and maintaining strength, mobility, balance, mental clarity and calm are all really important to me as I get older, and it is these I seek to bring to my teaching. A typical class will include some exploration of sensations/how we move, a number of different poses or asanas, some integration of conscious breathwork, and relaxation. Props such as a wall, a belt, cork bricks may be used and each class is different recognising the body needs both repetition and variety. My classes are small so I can support you if needed and also to maintain the friendly atmosphere that those who come regularly have created. Expect to feel welcomed by all. I do my best to teach with clarity, a sense of curiosity and a sense of humour!

If you are not sure if yoga is for you, then do read what my students say and/or contact me on or 07957 173990.

What do I wear?

We practise yoga in bare feet. Comfortable clothing, which you can move in is ideal, such as shorts or leggings, a t-shirt and a warmer top for relaxation.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

At the current time, yes. I recommend the following mat from as a great one with which to start.

I have some basic equipment for newcomers to borrow, once it is safe to do so.

Do I need to eat before class?

We aim to practise yoga on an empty stomach so try not to eat at least 1 hour before class.

I have some specific physical challenges. Can I still do yoga?

Yes, just e-mail me if there is something you think it would help me to know before you come. We can also have a chat about this if necessary. If I don’t think I can teach you for a specific reason, then I will let you know beforehand.

Do you teach pregnancy yoga?

I do not teach pregnancy yoga at the current time. If you are a regular student and you become pregnant then you can of continue with your regular class and we work together to find alternatives for certain poses. Yoga is great during pregnancy. If you have not attended a class with me before and are already pregnant then do get in touch and I am happy to recommend a local alternative yoga class for you.

I would like to come. What do I need to do to join a class?

Go to and register as a student.

You can then buy the relevant class pass and book yourself into the class you’d like to attend via the system. You are also welcome to e-mail me to let me know how you’d like to start.

I would like a 1:1. What do I do to book this?

Just get in touch via e-mail or call me on 07957 173990.

What training do you have?

My initial training was in Iyengar Yoga and I hold an Introductory 1 and 2 certificate. The training is a rigorous two-year programme after a minimum of 3 consecutive years of regular practice with a certified teacher. Teachers are assessed both on the depth of their own personal practice as well as their ability to teach. Since then I have widened my learning successfully completed a further 300-hour advanced training in October 2020. This was with Jules Mitchell, a yoga teacher and bio-mechanist based in the U.S. The first U.K. based teacher to train with Jules, I am learning to appreciate the fine balance of sensation, of feeling and movement science. Studying the latest scientific research in biomechanics and movement, somatics, pain and how we can manage it, all of course, underpinned by the deep philosophy that is yoga.