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It’s Monday afternoon. Mark Drakeford has just announced we’re to go into a ‘fire-breaker’ for 2 weeks from Friday in Wales. Somehow this time it feels different. I cried into my hands when I heard and yet I am grateful for clarity and for action to do what has in the past, reduced the spread of Covid-19. After the tears though (a needed catharsis always), I returned to the lecture I attended (ironically virtually, you’ll read why below) this weekend with the brilliant Tom Myers, guru of all things fascia and connective tissue related. It is one of my things I am grateful for today whilst feeling the weight of another lockdown on my shoulders, which you may well feel too.

Tom shared his topic as ‘how emotions and anatomy interact’. He sees his work of helping people ‘return to the body’ as deeply necessary at the current time. He shared that when we look at our history, it is not surprising (nor needs apology) how disconnected we are consciously or more often, unconsciously from our body. The body is the unconscious mind. (I know this statement alone could turn into a huge philosophical debate so go with me for now). Whilst our belief systems are held in our nervous system, they are literally held in our fascial body, our connective support system. Of course, this is over-simplified as usual but needs must, this is a blog after all.

So how did this happen? Tom described how the five revolutions which have taken place over billions of years are the main drivers taking us away from nature. In evolutionary terms: i) we stood up ii) social contracting and language developed as we learnt to control fire iii) we moved from the stone to the agricultural age iv) the industrial revolution was born and finally in the last two years v) we have transitioned into the electronic era. Each step has happened faster than the last and each step has taken us further away from nature, from our natural state, from our natural body.

Why is this so relevant today? In order to create a world of equality and kindness, of compassion and connection to all of nature we SO need to get back to and listen to our bodies. They contain so much wisdom. We live in a society where the intellect of the mind is rewarded and the intelligence of the body/the heart almost ignored. In coming back to our bodies, there is a chance to come back to nature on all levels. Individually to work with our nervous systems to release back to our original posture, not one created by victorian values or false claims of what is right. To listen, deeply listen to what our bodies are telling us. Collectively to be able to act, to move from what I individually experience as a lethargy, a not knowing what to do, a ‘stuckness’.

To move beyond a place where pandemics can happen, to a place where the small things really do matter.  There is so much hope, this movement has started already. The lecture I attended had over one thousand participants across the global.  The more we literally move consciously, the more we listen, the more we will truly hear. YOGA of course. But also dance, tai chi, Feldenkreis, Alexander technique, conscious, mindful movement YES to it all. Let’s stretch, dance, play, move in any way we can and more. Emma x